Xeoma – webcam software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Xeoma (http://felenasoft.com/en/) is a multiplatform CCTV software, which can virtually support unlimited number of cameras. I have a Video card with 4 BNC inputs but also make use of WiFi cameras.

One of the 1st things strikes me straight away was the ease of installation! It took me less than 15 minutes to configure 4 IP cameras with motion detection, email sending and storage!

Ensure that each camera will respond to ping commands. I have Xeoma running on a Windows 8.1 PC.

Install, start, install server components from withing the software – ready.

That’s it as far as the server installation goes!

I have used the client on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Google Nexus 6, iPhone 6 plus, Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu and Windows 10.

I was stunned how well the Xeoma GUI looked like. Every function makes sense where it is placed. It is just well designed.

Simply enter the IP of the server and the password obtained as above. You might have to change your firewall settings to access the IP cameras and allow Xeoma client to connect to the server. I’d recommend disabling the firewall(s) until Xeoma discovers all cameras, then configure the firewall accordingly.

2015-08-12 20.44.51

I have used Xeoma client on my Android phone as well. Worked quite well. Pulls up fast and displays the live video feed within seconds.

Connecting to the IP cameras was a piece of cake! Xeoma supports multiple protocols which includes still images, video streams and audio. Search camera by IP worked flawlessly.

All my cameras where found with no issues. Xeoma found all the streams and provided the links for me. I had huge problems finding working links for my cameras (D-Link won’t provide them), yet Xeoma did it for me, I was seriously stunned. I do not have a PTZ camera, so i could not test that function.

Xeoma is designed to work with modules. Each camera can be assigned a module. I have added 4 cameras to the view.

One can ‘chain’ them in own order. For example, I’d like take the camera input, set up motion detection, then if trigged send e-mail, store jpeg and video on local drive. Just drag the selected modules from the menu and drop them down in order.


Filter can be applied to motion detector, with various sensitivity options to avoid false triggers. I have managed to set up the sensitivity so that moving branches in my front yard won’t set the alarms off.

You can even set up a module that sends an email with either still or video to multiple email addresses. I tried a  set up with google email as a default. Again I was stunned by the simplicity! I do not currently use it though.

You can overlay text (date, location) at several locations on the screen, where you find it to fit best.

In total, there are many modules available, for example:
Universal camera
Motion Detector
Day Detector
Sound detector
Image rotate
Image resize
Preview and archive
Save to file
Sending email
FTP upload
Sound alarm and on server

Xeoma offers a fully functional trial period, but it is easy to get a free (commercial) license… Just check the website and you will find it 😉 There are several paid versions and options available too, and the prices are extremely reasonable.

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