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Computer Spring Cleaning

April 2nd, 2009 No comments

Ok here we go. Feel free to forward this email to family & friends if they need to clean their computers too.

Spyware & Malware

First we need to get rid of Spyware & Malware. For this i personally use 3 different programs. They each gave a functionality the other ones don’t have. That’s why i use three, and do weekly scans on my computers. I recommend the following order on running them:

  • Arovax AntiSpywareDownload at

    This software detects and removes Spyware and Malware (NOTE: The development of the software has been discontinued, but it still finds a good share of Spyware and does it in a really timely matter, hence my recommendation to still use it)

    How to use this software?:

    Download, install the program, and start it.

    Once strated go to the tab named ‘Help & Support'; select ‘LiveUpdate’ and do the update.

    After the update do to the ‘Settings’-tab and deselect all three checkmarks.

    Then click on the ‘Spyware Scan’ and either select drives & folders to scan (in this case you need to check the ‘Scan selected folders’ check mark) or just click ‘Scan Now’ and pre-selected system folder will be scanned.

    The scan will take a few minutes, and if done will show the results in a window. Everything preselected (check marked) by the software is safe to remove. All other entries are usually programs your system starts automatically when you turn on the computer. Removing any of those is at your own risk!

    Click on ‘Clean’ and let the software remove do it’s ‘thing’. A reboot might be required. Otherwise you can quit the software.

  • Malwarebytes’ Anti-MalwareDownload the ‘free trial version’ at

    This software is ‘shareware’ but provides the necessary protection needed to clean a computer (recommended on a weekly basis)

    How to use this software?:

    Download, install the program, and start it.

    Once started click on the ‘Update’-Tab and ‘Check for Updates’. If updates are found, confirm to install them if asked for.

    Click on the ‘Scanner’-Tab and perform a full scan (recommended for the first scan) or a ‘Quick Scan’ (for your weekly scan).

    Once the scan is done you will be notified if anything has been found. It should be safe to remove everything the software found.

  • Spybot – Search & DestroyDownload at

    How to use this software?:

    Download, install the program, and start it.

    The software will guide you through the first start in several steps. follow those steps and remove all recommended items once the scan is done.


To remove viruses you should install a virus scanner. there are many good solutions, but to scan an infected computer i recommend using online virus scanners. I recommend the Microsoft solution, since it checks for more then just viruses, and it also is capable of removing found threats, which most of the other online scanners do not do.

  • Windows Live OneCare safety scannerUse at

    NOTE: Use with Internet Explorer. Installation of internet explorer addons is required.

    How to use this software?:

    Follow the instructions – they are self explanatory.

System Maintenance & Cleanup

There are many programs promising a lot to clean your computer, and many of them required me to reinstall everything since they cleaned too much! I personally use only one software to do this task, and decided to buy the full version. The trial version works for 30 days (after 30 days the nag-screen shows longer and longer….), but does the job for a spring-cleaning!

  • TuneUp Utilities 2009Download at

    How to use this software?:

    Download, install the program, and start it.

    Follow the instruction on the start page. that should cover most of the problems.

    Additional tasks can be selected on the left side. Everything should be pretty self explanatory.

That should be all!